Speaker’s Name: Giovanni Mellini

Speaker’s Title: Head of Information, systems and network Security

Speaker’s Company: ENAV S.p.A.

Title of Presentation: Building an effective Info Sharing community

100-word Description of Presentation:
The talk gives an overview on how-to build an info sharing community based on cooperation between public and private sector.
The focus is on the real challenges that companies are facing while trying to implement an effective threat intelligence platform based on info sharing principles and how to address these problems with open source software.
The goals are:
    • aging, unduplication and collection automation of IoC (Indicators of Compromise);
    • use cases for operational IoC consumption;
    • howto identify effective data sources.
Speaker’s Bio, including previous conference speaking/presentation experience:
Giovanni Mellini leads the “Security of information, systems and networks” division in ENAV S.p.A., the italian Air Navigation Services Provider.
Giovanni is responsible of Information Security Operation Center (i-SOC) operations and he always tries to figure out how to evolve the innovative model on which i-SOC is built; a model based on open source software and info sharing principle.
On May 2017 he presented at HackInBo a talk on SOC evolution inside a critical infrastructure (slides here https://goo.gl/gVwB6w)
He is now actively involved on threat intelligence and info sharing areas where he is trying to build an effective public/private community.