Speaker’s Name: Sandro “guly” Zaccarini

Speaker’s Title: Mr

Speaker’s Company: AD Consulting

Title of Presentation: Pentesting an unfriendly environment: bypassing (un)common defences and mate the king

100-word Description of Presentation:
Watched an hacking tutorial, followed the steps and pwnd every host in your VirtualBox lab.
Felt like a blackhat, you started an engagement in real life and it goes like the Titanic.
Want to see some (un)common defence and a way to bypass them?

During this talk, you’ll follow the path from no-access to checkmating the king, dodging and going past unexpected pitfall using well and maybe less known tricks and tools.

Speaker’s Bio:
Born as a sysadmin, I’ve sharpened my security skills as a BlueTeam member.
When RedTeam showed up with cookies and asked to join, I changed hat so many times I don’t know what I currently wear.
Very passionate about building and breaking stuff, I love to spend time talking about both security and architectural topics.