Speaker’s Name: Stefano Di Paola

Speaker’s Title: Head of Research and Development Lab

Speaker’s Company: Minded Security

Title of Presentation: “JS Deobfuscation with JStillery”

JStillery is a hybrid static/dynamic analysis tool for deobfuscating
highly obfuscated JavaScript code. It uses several cutting edge
techniques to be able to deobfuscate several well known obfuscators and,
due to its genericity, also custom obfuscated code. It can be used to
improve reverse engineering, categorization, analysis and reduction of
JavaScript code. JStillery was a private tool of our arsenal, and we are
going to release it for the first time as open source project at
BSide Roma.

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Speaker Bio:
Stefano Di Paola is the CTO and cofounder of Minded Security, where he
is Head of Research and Development Lab. In the past years Stefano
presented several cutting edge research topics, such as DOM based XSS
runtime taint analysis methodology and tool, Expression Language
Injection, HTTP Parameter Pollution, ActionScript Security that led him
to be in the famous Jeremiah Grossman’s “Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques”
initiative for 5 consecutive years. He also published several security
advisories and open source security tools and contributed to the OWASP
testing guide. Stefano is Research & Development Director of OWASP
Italian Chapter.